Carina L. Mompelas Formally Kickoffs County Treasurer Campaign


September 2020

PLYMOUTH COUNTY – Plymouth County deserves a County Treasurer that will uphold their Fiduciary Duty, ensure transparency, and dedicate their service to guaranteeing that the protection of the interests and finances of Plymouth County are first priority. Plymouth County merits a County Treasurer that will lead with an open mind, visible communication and not hide from residents until it’s time for re-election. We the people warrant a County Treasurer that will listen, be a leader of action, defend our interests ethically, and be a Treasurer for all citizens of Plymouth County. We must do better than our current County Treasurer; if I have the honor of serving as our next Plymouth County Treasurer, I, Carina Mompelas will serve better.

At age 7, my family and I immigrated to America in pursuit of the great American Dream. I was raised by a single mother who worked tirelessly to support my siblings and I. From her, we learned the significance of hard work and to never stop believing in the power of determination. At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with Leukemia Cancer and found myself in the battle for my life. When times got dark, my mother’s words of “stop complaining and do something about it” kept me going and I grew stronger. I was determined to not let Cancer cut me down. With the power of prayer, family, community, and my will power I victoriously defeated Leukemia Cancer. I am strong and I will always fight for good no matter the challenges that lie ahead. As Gandhi famously stated, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We need leaders with that mindset.

I am a financial analyst for a healthcare facility and I’m also a part time IT Program manager. In my profession, I help individuals grow their finances and help businesses increase their revenues. As a finance officer, it is my mission to uphold my Fiduciary Duty and perform all finance duties to the highest standard of trustworthiness on behalf of other people’s finances. I am deeply committed to my pledge.

Thomas O’Brien, our current County Treasurer has breached his Fiduciary Duty. From the front page of The Boston Globe “Pay to Play” scheme 2017 article where O’Brien hired lawyer friends to fight for their client, Plymouth County, and won the case with a settlement of $41 million. The client (Plymouth County) only received $40,000 from the settlement, whereas, O’Brien’s friendly lawyers were paid $41.4 MILLION and in return the lawyers donated $100,000 to O’Brien’s re-election campaign. Plymouth County is not Treasurer O’Brien’s priority! In 2019, Wicked Local. Plymouth reported that the Plymouth County Retirement Association’s, run by the Chairman, Treasurer Thomas O’Brien, was involved in a scandal where the Association accountant had stolen $16,367. Again, during the COVID-19, Democrat and Republican leadership wrote letters against O’Brien’s office running the $90 million Coronavirus relief fund. “I’m concerned about the proper oversight”, stated State Senator Michael Brady regarding the leadership to distribute the relief money effectively. Normally the State will run the relief package, yet Plymouth County government is the only county in Massachusetts that decided to handle the $90 million package. Interestingly enough, Treasurer O’Brien had the privilege of delivering the relief checks to the towns and city of Brockton; of course, he was equipped with cameras and social media posting galore since it is an election year. There are so many more examples of O’Brien’s lack of leadership because his first priority is himself.

As a candidate for Mayor of Brockton in 2019, I understand the needs of the city of Brockton. As a financial analyst, I understand the responsibilities the County Treasurer has to Plymouth County. County Treasurer, I will put the interests of Plymouth County first! I will be transparent in every action I take. I will hold people accountable for improper procedures. I will not abuse my office for public relations. I will not be involved with or initiate unethical practices like “Pay to Play” schemes to benefit myself and my friends. I will ensure basic planning and actions are accomplished for programs such as the dredge fund, accelerated funding of liabilities, and increasing County’s portion of deeds fees from the state. Our mission is to restore ethics and accountability to the office of County Treasurer. We hope you will join our campaign to restore ethics!

Thank you,

Carina L. Mompelas