"Integrity means that you are the same person in public as you are in private."

                                         - Joyce Meyer

My Plan
Hi, I'm Carina

   At a very young age, I settled in Brockton, MA with my family; it has been my home for 16 years. I was raised by a single mother who always gave her last dime to make me happy yet always made sure I knew the significance of hard work. When I was diagnosed with Leukemia Cancer at the age of 13, I witnessed her be a full-time mom to myself and my little brothers, a nurse, the breadwinner, and everything we needed her to be all while going through a divorce. Although I was going through the toughest time in my life, I could only imagine how much worse it was for my mom but she never complained or cried; she placed her grief aside to be her strongest for us. For that and so much more, she will always be my hero. When I complain about the many things wrong in this world, she answers “stop complaining and do something about it,” which is exactly what I do; from Schools on Wheels Inc, Best Buddies, R.I.S.E, and so on, I aim to do it all. I even ran for Mayor last fall to impact change in my community as I believe in the very famous quote by Ghandi- “be the change you want to see in the world.” Hence, here I am running for Treasurer to restore ethics in an office lacking so much of it.

   Although I studied Political Science, I am a Financial Analyst at a healthcare facility and a part time IT Program manager. I have worked with numbers for years; I helped individuals grow their finances and helped businesses increase their revenues. Most things that have to do with numbers and budgeting in a productive way, I do. Nonetheless, what it comes down to is Ethics! In any governmental office- honesty, transparency, and ethics are musts. Being the oldest of four, I was taught to always take accountability, embody authenticity, value empathy, and uphold integrity. As County Treasurer, I will be sure to continue implementing what I was taught and maintain an office that depicts the moral values that government officials are subjected to. Hence, join me in my efforts to reinstate ethics in an office that has been missing it for way too long!

  • Immediately reverse all of Treasurer O'Brien's unethical practices, obey my oath as an elected official and finance officer and not abuse my office with unethical actions like Pay to Play schemes for unjust multi-million dollar profits for friends and myself. 

  • I will not abuse my office for public relations stunts like the CARES allocation that the state is much more capable of managing, not expose the county to liabilities outside of our capabilities, and I will not need letters of protest from any officials to do that right thing. 

  • I will place basic safeguards and proper supervision to ensure no one including an employee can steal money from the county, family members are not hired, and disabled job applicants are not insulted.

  • I will make certain that basic planning and action are accomplished for easy programs like a dredge, accelerated funding of liabilities, and making at least some progress on increasing deeds fees to the county.

  • I will address other easy problem areas immediately, for instance, record meetings, immediately restoring the county Code of Ethics, guarantee lessons learned from these problems are incorporated in procedures, and regularly meet with officials from our towns and the state to determine what more we can do for our towns and then actually plan and do the work required.

  • I will use more media to connect with the public, our taxpayers and citizens regarding what their county government is doing, what I am doing to improve it, and ask them what more we can do for them. 

This is A Problem!

  • Treasurer failed in his job to oversee the Retirement Association; employee stole $16,000

  • The County failed in manage the county dredge issue

  • Treasurer failed with handling the county’s Farm finance problems


  • County officials insulted the disabilities of a job applicant resulting in a lawsuit and settlement

  • Treasurer failed to fix the very important Registry of Deeds fee deficiency problem of only 10% to the county 

  • Treasurer failed with unfunded liabilities in the Retirement AND Health Group funds

  • Plymouth county government is the only government office that does not audio and/or video record their public meetings even though they did so many years ago. What happen to TRANSPARENCY?

  • They failed to uphold the County Code of Ethics requiring elected officials to stop receiving political campaign donations from businesses that they contract with to do county business - like the egregious $100,000 donations to O'Brien from lawyers he helped unjustly profit $41 million

  • They Failed to start a county-wide regional water group to lead efforts related to that vital resource. 

Why Should you Vote for Me?

We can do Better; We should do Better!

       We all know what professional finance officers do because we all do many of those same functions at home, at work and/or with groups like our Church.  As you know, finance and budget managers ensure revenue and expenses are properly processed and balanced.  More revenue is a surplus and more expenses is debt with both requiring appropriate attention. In our mission, services and goods are delivered, assets and liabilities are maintained, and people - our employees, customers, and partners - must be properly cared for.  In government funded by the public, these functions of course must be accomplished while maximizing ethics and public trust. That is the minimum standard of competence for professional finance officers.  It is not complicated, but it is important. 


       Since I am a finance officer, I know and you may also know, that finance officers in government or business have what's called a "Fiduciary Duty" meaning we are held to and must perform in all our finance duties to the highest standard of trustworthiness because we are entrusted by someone else with someone else's money.  Any illegal or unethical actions with someone else's money and against their wishes or best financial interests is an abuse of one's authority and/or at least a conflict of interest but worse- a "Breach of Fiduciary Duty," which is considered one of the most serious offenses in the finance world.  Unquestionably, Treasurer O'Brien significantly breached his fiduciary duty. If one is incompetent and fails at that mission AND lacks ethics, then he should not be reelected and should be fired! Although, no action has been taken him, we must take our own action by not reelecting him into office. You have a choice on Election Day regarding which direction Plymouth County will go on; I hope you make the right one.  

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