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Why am I Running?

       "A fraction of the total amount of problems with County Treasurer O'Brien's INCOMPETENCY and LACK OF ETHICS makes him one of the most failed and crooked politicians in our state and clearly not deserving of reelection this year, in November 2020."  



      Earlier this year, some supporters informed me of problems concerning the Treasurer, including several articles from the BOSTON GLOBE that indicated massive incompetence and lack of ethics. Considering these issues, any experts in law and ethics will tell you O'Brien deserves professional discipline or worse. However, as a longtime (24 years) powerful (State Rep then County Treasurer) politician, he is entrenched in the famous political and legal "Good Old Boy" network that pushes so many of us away from politics and protects him from punishment. To make matters worse, it appeared as if O'Brien would not have an opponent this year, I was not going to let that happen. Hence, we started a difficult signature collecting effort to start my consideration to run or not. 


    While on my signature collecting campaign, I saw a post published on March 2nd by the Globe on Plymouth County Treasurer O'Brien's famous "Pay to Play scheme" on the front page above the fold: In 2016, the Boston Globe Spotlight Investigation Team first exposed the "Pay to Play scheme" reporting: Treasurer O'Brien hired his close friend, former State Rep. Garrett Bradley (Hingham) and Bradley's law firm to sue wealthy businesses with financial interests in the County for millions of dollars, resulting in an extraordinary $41 million in legal fees to the attorneys, while their client, the County, only received $40,000, and Treasurer O'Brien received $100,000 from the same attorneys to his political campaign account, clearly showing massive ethics problems and egregious misconduct (including dramatically inflating legal bills).  


      Around the same time the original Boston Globe story was published and in an unprecedented move during an election year and easy reelection campaign with no opponent, Rep. Bradley resigned from his prestigious State Rep. position leaving no candidates in that campaign requiring interested candidates to abruptly start write-in campaigns.

What could be a greater abuse of power and authority by an elected official?


       To make matters worse, in April 2020, the federal government awarded $90 million from the CARES Act to be allocated to communities in Plymouth County for COVID expenses.   State government accomplishes similar federal allocations like this regularly with the state's much larger more experienced specialized staffing.  County government NEVER does this. However, this federal funding allowed counties to make allocations themselves, which the Commissioners and Treasurer saw as an opportunity for positive media to help their election chances this election year.  Again. it reported that the state asked every county to allow the state to make the allocations properly, assume liabilities, etc. Every county agreed that the state would best manage the funds except for ONE, Plymouth County.  In an UNPRECEDENTED response, in May 2020, several letters were sent to Plymouth County and the Treasurer from the Governor, State Reps, Brockton Mayor, Selectmen from all over the county and several officials from towns and other counties protesting the decision by Plymouth County and the Treasurer to lead this program without the minimal financial management competence to do so.  DOESN'T THAT FACT SCREAM THAT THIS TREASURER IS INCOMPETENT?  The true abilities of the Treasurer have not changed despite photo ops. We know and have proven here that he is not competent nor trustworthy: Pay to Play scheme, dredge mismanagement, nepotism, employee stealing money, insulting disabled applicant, Farm debacle, etc.  No wonder UNPRECEDENTED letters of protest were written against trusting the Treasurer with financial management. We have NEVER heard of fellow elected officials making such a protest.  NEVER! Hence, We cannot let crooked government officials like O’Brien get reelected to positions of power that allow them to take advantage of us, taxpayers.   




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